Will we ever have that, baby Just take that pretty face I’ve shown me

It’s so cold so dangerous that I cant stay


…Party girls don’t get hurt…

Can’t feel anything… when will I learn

I’m the one “for a good time call”

I feel the love


Good time calls are the best moments in our lives… anyways,I’m a looser and no one last for ever baby…
Maybe i’m not even a looser….I’m just a cover artist fan, and I like to draw.

Has anybody seen my love?

Dylan, I can feel it… you are back! with a

Tight Connection To My Heart

…I never could learn to drink that blood, and call it wine.
I never could learn to hold you, love,
And call you mine…

Please sleep softly…Leave me no room for doubt

We all make mistakes… we do.

You caught me, guilty
Taking the pieces of you

Then me and your smashed birds, we danced the whole night alone.

…And then I took all your words
and I ate them by the fire, oh
Then me and your smashed birds we danced the whole night alone
And in the morning I climbed your tree and flew away…

Your house was floating on my water…And then I took all your words and I ate them by the fire, oh!

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